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Comunitatea Smart Pol


The community is not a good thing, it is a living organism, which needs constant care and involvement to be functional. In all this, the police have been given the mission to make the environment we live in, SURE. And it's not an easy task!


For this, laws, procedures, codes and hierarchies have been built that make up a complex system and all its parts must operate in tandem and at the assigned frequencies.

Although we rarely remember, one of these pieces is the INDIVIDUAL, both the individual who is the object of protection and the one who protects.

What if the designers and protectors of public order received information from those for whom they provide security, directly, unaltered, NOW? Chaos, some would say!

Well, think twice!

Any unexpressed need leads to speculation, an exercise in probabilities. What are the chances that the one who needs protection and the one who offers it, will meet, without communicating their day, time and location? Impossible?

The purpose of the Smart Pole is to provide an information and communication framework that allows police officers to make informed decisions quickly and safely.  


But we want to go further:


What if every citizen was just as secure in relation to law enforcement? Not only does it meet law enforcement, making the exercise of their profession easier, but it gains the freedom to actively participate in the safety of public space, which we all want!

We have long passed the era in which 'we know for you!', We are here, now, in the era 'WE KNOW WITH YOU!'. That's why we offer you the first application  of police officers and citizens with:

- The possibility to access legal information that concerns you directly, whenever you need: how to prevent, what to do, how to do and with whom to talk;  

- The channel through which to tell us what we can do to make you feel safer;

- The place to notify us whenever you need us (eg accident, aggression, etc.). Fast geolocation, when your situation doesn't allow you to talk to us on the phone.


We want you to be sure that we work for you, and for that security of communication is essential. We put the protection of your identity above all else and for that we will agree to PROTECT YOUR IDENTITY until the moment you want your interlocutors to tell you by name. Try the SECRET FORM


What does your involvement mean:

- You know more about how you can protect yourself and those around you and you know that we are with you whenever you need it;

- You help us to be able to serve you on time;

- Contribute to building a community that feels and is safe.

Do not think that your values will not be reflected in the environment in which you live. It's impossible!


I ask you now:

What do you want your TA community to look like?  

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